Ground Regulations

Felixstowe & Walton United FC Ground Regulations state the behavioural standards we demand as a family-friendly, respectful football venue. Please read these regulations carefully.

1   All persons entering the ground are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association and Felixstowe & Walton United Football Club.

2   The club excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law any liability for loss, injury or damage to persons/property in or around the ground.

3   All persons seeking entrance to the ground acknowledge the club’s right to search any person entering the ground.

4   The use of threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language, racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, intoxicated behaviour, the throwing of objects or entering the field of play is strictly forbidden and    will result in arrest and/or ejection from the ground.

5   No illegal substances, bottles, glass vessels, metal cans, firecrackers, flares, laser devices, or weapons of any kind are allowed in the ground.

6   The club reserves the right to reschedule the Match without notice and without any liability whatsoever.

7   Outside the clubhouse, alcohol is to be consumed in plastic cups. Note that for FA Cup and other such competitions, no alcohol may be consumed within sight of the pitch.

8   The climbing of fences or floodlight pylons and all buildings within the ground is strictly forbidden. This includes the property of the cricket and tennis clubs.

9   Nobody may stand in seating areas or areas hatched in yellow whilst play is in progress. The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden.

10  Unauthorised persons are strictly forbidden from entering upon the field of play before, during or after the game unless advised to do so in an emergency.

11  Ball games are not permitted within the enclosed ground; therefore, spectator balls are forbidden from being brought into the ground through any entry point.

12  Persons under 16 years of age are to be supervised and are the responsibility of the parent, guardian or responsible adult.

13  All vehicles are to be parked responsibly and must not cause an obstruction. All vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk.

14  In the event of the postponement or abandonment of the match, refunds (if any) will be made at the discretion of the club. The club will have no further liability whatsoever.

15  Anybody found damaging or defacing the property of Felixstowe & Walton United Football Club will be prosecuted.

16  At all times whilst present in the ground, persons must comply with any and all instructions of any steward or committee member of the club and/or police officer. Failure to comply with any instruction may lead to immediate ejection from the ground.

17  Felixstowe & Walton United Football Club reserves absolutely the right to eject from the ground any person failing to comply with any of the Ground Regulations or whose presence within the ground is, or could reasonably be, construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to any other person. This could lead to further action by the club including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of any season ticket (without reimbursement) & other benefits.

18  We are located in a residential area. Please respect our neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum when leaving the ground, particularly late at night.

19  Please help us to keep our ground a pleasant, clean and safe environment for all members, guests and visitors by using the litter bins provided, only smoking in designated areas and by removing football boots before entering the clubhouse.  

20  Entry to the ground shall constitute acceptance of the above Ground Regulations.