Under 14 Match Reports 2016/17

South Suffolk Youth League

Seasiders 6 Ipswich Valley Ranger 0

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Pre Match

10am Kick off, what is going on, Up at 8am and a number of the parents looked like they had been out till 3am on the Sherry. As for the nets well, the Bear had a poorly foot, this meant he was only capable of sitting behind the goal giving instructions, which left muggins here with the job of putting them up, Sarah did assist for a while, which was as always appreciated. As for the weather it just got colder and colder, I though Spring had meant to have sprung.


Well the team lined up as follows, Sam was in goal having recovered from his finger injury and a back four consisted of Connor, Kieron, Jolyon and Krystian, the midfield saw Ben and Cale in the centre with Jamie and Drew out wide, Colby played in the hole and Charlie was the lone striker, on the bench we had Natty, Cameron, Liam and Mark.

IVR looked a strong side and with Ronnie up front we were expecting a battle, the match kicked off with the seasiders dominating play passing the ball around well, the first chance came after a battling performance from Cale, he set up ben and he hit the bar, a good start. IVR though had the first opportunity minutes later, Kristian’s miss kick led to an effort from distance which was well saved by Sam. It did not take long for the seasiders to get back on the front foot and a shot by Ben ended up at Drew’s feet who’s shot was deflected wide. Another chance for IVR came there way as Sam attempting to clear, missed the ball completely but the IVR forward shot wide.

The game was a real battle in midfield and once again following hard work by Cale, Ben picked up the ball and played a wonderful ball to Charlie who was through one on one with the keeper, he went round him, but there was just to much pace on the ball and it went just wide. The seasiders were creating numerous chances that we could just not finish, the next saw Cale and Jamie combine, Jamie’s effort fell to Colby 1 yard out, but it went well over, it looked like however took their chance would have the upper hand. Jamie then played a great ball to Colby who’s shot went wide, would these missed chances came back and bit us?

Well half time came, and it would appear I had missed a goal, it was 1-0 to the seasiders, no idea what happened.

The second half began with changes galore, all 4 subs entered the fray during the 2nd half, and it was Natty who made it 2-0, Ben made a great run to the byline and crossed for Natty to side foot home. The third was not far away, Colby lofted a long range free kick into the box and Ben rose to head home, the Seasiders were continuing to dominate, and now they were taking their chances. Drewsie then maintained his scoring streak, first, he was picked out at the back post from a great cross and following one touch to control placed the ball into the back of the net, and then Ben found Colby whos cross once again found Drewsie and it was 5.

We then nearly had a rare moment as Liams cross dropped to Mark on the edge of the box, but his half volley went just over. More chances came our way with Colby and Natty coming close to extending the lead. The 6th and final goal came from another freekick, this time Ben crossed and Kieron (What was he doing up there) headed it home, a wonderful moment.

Final Score 6-0


A game of 2 halves, in the both we were always on top, but in the 2nd we took our chances. It was a good win against a team that never gave up.

James R.




South Suffolk Youth League

Ipswich Wanderers 0 Seasiders 5

Saturday 1st April 2017




Well what can I say about the prologues, well, a number of readers seem to have a bug “Bear” about it! They claim it is the inane drivel of a mad man! Shall I stop, no I shall not, so here we go again.

It was sunny, but a bit windy, the team had gathered in the car park at Ipswich Wanderers, and the boys looked it good spirits, Sam took great delight in showing of his broker finger to all and sundry. Richard went and got the latte’s and the parents settled down for a game away at Ipswich Wanderers, with no one quite able to predict the result, a tight match with 1 or 2 in it or a comfortable 5 or 6, only time would tell, well 2 x 35mins halves to be precise.

The Match

The team was Freddy in goal, Liam RB, Jolyon and Matt S CB, Connor LB, Matt W LM, Cale and Ben CM, Jamie RM, with Colby in the 10 role and Drew up front, on the bench we had Cameron, Natty, Mark and Joylon.

The match kicked off with the seasiders getting into their rhythm early not letting Ipswich Wanderers get out of there half. A number of corners came to nothing, and then the breakthrough, Jamie swung it in from the left and the ball dropped at the back post for the unmarked Colby to side foot home 1-0.

Wave after wave of attack continued and following some composed play by Ben he finds Connor who feeds the ball to Colby down the left, he took on his man, a fierce drive well saved by the keeper. Colby had a further chance following a great flick from Drew but was unable to connect.

Colby who was finding a lot of space behind the left back then laid the ball back to Connor who’s cross was met by Drew, only for the goalie to push it round the post.

The second goal caam following some good play by Cale, he passed forwards to Colby whos deft touch put Matt W clean through and he passed the ball into the back of the net for 2-0.

Matt then returned the favout and put Colby through, he went for the shot only to slice wide, a good effort, well if you could have seen Armani’s face, maybe not, but it made us all smile.

Ipswich Wanderers then had the only chance of the first half, some good build up play led to their forward unleashing a great shot down low to Freddie’s left, he made a great save only for the ball to rebound to the onrushing player, he side footed the ball towards what looked like a goal, but Freddy with the reactions of a cat was up and down again, a great double save.

The importance of the save became clear in the seasiders next attack, again a corner was forced and Jamie’s corner was met by Ben first time who whipped the ball into the far corner 3-0, it so easily could have been 2-1.

Then came a clear penalty, Colby’s shot was handled on the line and none other than are own Matt S stepped up to take it, he calmly sent the gk the wrong way and it was 4-0.

The second half saw Mark, Natty and Cameron enter the fray, with only Joylon still recovering from his bad back remaining on the bench.

The second half whilst it lacked goals did not lack attacking intent with the seasiders having numerous chances to extend their lead.

Ben hit one from long range, Jamie so close following good work between Mark and Ben, Connor marauding forwards like a juggernaut failed to hit the target with numerous attempts, Ipswich W just could not contain him.

As always the Ipswich had one good chance in the half, Matt S clears but only to a IW player and they were through, Matt S chased back and following a good save by Freddy he was their to clear the ball, as we say, your lost, you get it back.

More and more chances came the seasiders way, but Colby, Cameron and Drew all had good chances saved. The fifth goal came from Ben, following some good hold up play by Cameron, he laid it back and Ben stuck the ball firmly into the bottom corner 5-0.

That was the end of goals, the game carried on with even more chances, but we could just not find the net, on another day we could have had double figures.

Post Match

Chris was disappointed there was no kicking of water bottles, Paul was not quite sure what was going on, Barry was still whinging about the pro logue. So to finish on 3, 1. 2. 3. “TEAM” 

James R


South Suffolk Youth League

Seasiders 6 Barrow 2

Saturday 25th March 2017


The Sun was out, it looked like a glorious day for football and the majority of parents had turned up suitably dressed, but it became apparent very earlier on that the wind was going to play a big role, it was biting. Ears were soon frozen and more suitable attire was acquired from car boots. As for the nets, it was yours truly with assistance from Heath who put up the first goal, in my opinion it was a work of Art, but the bear was not happy, apparent my alcoves I had created on the side of the goals was not in keeping with his standards.

The tea lady was late! I don’t believe I need to say any more than that. But Tilly was present and after a few games of “It” and “Hide and Seek” this reporter was in need of a lay down.

Back to the wind it was strong and blowing from one goal to the other, it had all the makings of a game of two halves.

The Match

The boys lined up in their Blue kit as is always the case against the Pink of Barrow. Breaking news was Sam and his yearly breakage of some part of his body, this year, his finger, this meant young Freddy was in goal, a nice reunion for the boys.

The team was Freddy in goal, Liam RB, Jolyon and Keiron CB, Connor LB, Drew LM, Cale and Ben CM, Jamie RM, with Colby in the 10 role and Cameron up front, on the bench we had Matt S, Mark and Natty

The match kicked off as I said in bright sunshine, The wind was with Barrow, and they needed to take as much as an advantage before the second half.  As usual it was a slow start, Felixstowe passing it around well, the first chance came after good work by Connor down the left and his cross was met first time by Ben who’s shot was saved well, an encouraging start.

The first goal was not far away, Liam picked up the ball at right back, he fed the ball to Colby who had a long range effort which bounced just in front of the keeper, he could only parry and Drew followed up to put the ball in the back of the net 1-0.


The seasiders kept going with Barrow unable to take advantage of the wind, Keiron and Liam defended well following a Barrow attack and fed Colby, he found Ben who put Jamie away down the right, his cross was met by the on running Drew but just over. Minutes later Ben who seemed to have goals on his mind went just over.

Barrow with the wind then attacked down the right and out paced the defenders, the ball came to the barrow striker who’s shot was just to high for Freddy who could only parry the ball into the net 1-1, we have a game on our hands, especially with the pace Barrow were showing up front.

The seasiders kept the composure and from the kick off Keiron found Ben who’s cross was just to far away from Caam and Drew and the defender managed to clear for a corner.  Barrow with the wind were always a threat and following good defensive work by Liam, the ball goes to Cale who releases Cam with a great a ball and he beat to players before passing the ball into the back of the net for 2-1.

There was just time before half time for one more goal, Liam passed down the right wing for Jamie, Ben overlapped and received the ball, his cross was dangerous, and beat everyone and found its way into the back of the net 3-1.

The second half saw Felixstowe with the wind, and we won a free kick 35yards out, Ben was looking to take it and he floated the ball into the box, it beat everyone, bounced on the penalty spot and went straight into the top corner, fortunate? Not if you ask Ben he meant it! 4-1

The seasiders continued to push, and with players now involved, players looked to impress to secure a place in future starting line ups. The 5th goal came from a corner straight off the training field, Jamie crossed and Drew made a near post run to score a glorious header into the far post. 5-1

The final seasiders goal came from another free kick, Jamie this time delivered and the ball dropped to Liam on the penalty spot, the keeper got down well but could not keep the shot out and Liam had his first goal in Felixstowe colours.

Whilst that was the end of the goals for the Seasiders, Barrow managed a late consolation as they played the ball down the left, and outpaced our defence the shot from a tight angle was glorious and the ball ended up beating freddy and flying into the corner, a great goal.

Final Score 6-2

Post Match

A really enjoyable game, Barrow came to play football and never gave up, the seasiders kept going all game and with a few players being rested / injured showed what a great squad they have. 



South Suffolk Youth League

Saturday 18th March 2017

Coplestonians 0 Seasiders 7


How early… a 9.30 KO! What is going on, most of the parents looked like they had not even gone to bed the night before, but we were away to Cops and that means the tea hut, tea in real mugs, oh the joy for the older generation!

The Match

The boys lined up in a 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 formation and confidence was high, the team had a number of changes made due to injuries, with Cale unavailable due to a bout of tonsillitis.

The team was Sam in goal, Matt S RB, Jolyon and Kieran CB, Mark LB, Jamie RM, Liam and Ben CM, Matt W LM, with Colby in the 10 role and Cameron up front, on the bench we had Drew and Nathaniel, making his comeback from injury.

The match kicked off in bright sunshine, but don’t be fooled it was cold and the wind was biting.

Cops it has to be said had some selection issues and only managed to field 10 players, it is one of the sadder sides of youth football that a team not doing well and sitting bottom of the league often finds itself with a shortage of players.

The Seasiders started well and soon had the cops goal under threat, but with only 10 men to face up to the Seasiders found it difficult to get into any sort of real rhythm, dominating the play, but with the final ball proving to be the issue.

It was good to see Mark and Liam get a full match, and at half time we found ourselves 2-0 up, I would like to say I know who scored and how they went in, but I was having a bad day on scribe duties and seemed to miss the scorers.

The second half found Cops on the back foot continuously, I am not sure if it was the 10 men, the fact they are bottom or the desire was not there, but Sam in goal only touched the ball once in the 2nd half.

The Seasiders did however manage to add a further 5 goals to bring the final score to 7-0, Colby (3) with Ben, Jamie, Drew and Nathaniel all getting one a piece.

It was not a vintage performance, and at times our desire to add to the score line meant an overload of players in the final third, but overall a win is a win and this keeps us in touching distance of the title.


All done and dusted before 11am, what to do with the rest of the morning, the early KO had caused some confusion with the days plans. With 4 games remaining it is going to be close.

James R




South Suffolk Youth League

Saturday 4th March 2017

Seasiders 3 Framlingham 0

Back at home for a Saturday for a league game which has seemed like an eternity, but we welcomed Framlingham who have been enduring a difficult season to Langley Avenue. For the hosts a good opportunity to use the whole squad.

The starting 11- Sam in goal a back four of Mark, Jolyon, Kieran & Matty Swaine with Ben, Cale & Colby the midfield trio with a front three of Mattie W, Jamie & Drew with a strong bench consisting of Connor, Krystian, Liam & Natty with Cameron also present but still not completely 100% due to a groin problem.

The reds got the game underway and immediately looked to get on top and move the ball quickly, unfortunately too many passes were too heavy and first touches were not as good usual making it a frustrating opening to the game, possession was mainly with the home side and Drew was offside when he looked to be in on goal, then Jamie looked to have timed his run well and finished the move off by scoring but was unluckily pulled back for offside, the break through then came when a good move on the right between Ben & Colby with a cross evading everyone but Mattie Wright who came in from the left to finish, 1-0 to the Seasiders and the general pattern would see attack versus defence with the visitors happy to try and soak up the pressure and counter attack. With half time looming the Seasiders doubled their lead and once again smart work in the wide areas allowed Mattie to steal in and double the lead, Matty Swain almost increased the lead just before half time with a powerful shot that hit the post but half time not a free flowing performance but a comfortable two nil lead.

The second half saw a number of changes with Connor, Krystian & Liam all coming on, the pattern of the game remained the same with the visitors dogged in defence whilst the Seasiders were still struggling to get into their rhythm, the third and final goal of the game came when a shot from Kieran deflected of a Fram defender and left there impressive keeper with no chance, Natty came on towards the end of the game for a welcome cameo after his long injury and a good run out for the squad. Final score Seasiders 3 Framlingham 0.

A slightly disjointed performance from the boys, the usual quick passing was heavy with some first touches not as good as they usually are, on a positive another clean sheet and three points in the bag with five league games remaining.


Dan Taylor


South Suffolk Youth League

Saturday 25th February 2017

Boxted Lodgers 0 Seasiders 3

Pre-Game Banter

My word it’s windy, cold and windy, it’s a good job we turned up to find a nice tea room, with Latte and Cake, a lovely bit of Lemon Cake! The pitch looked bare, compact and very bobbly, the turnout of parents was outstanding with the away support dwarfing the home contingent, I am not sure if the early kick off had surprised a few.


The warm ups looked good and you could see both teams were looking forward to this one despite the conditions; Boxted looked a big and powerful side.

The Seasiders lined up as follows: Sam, a back line of Connor, Jolyon, Kieran and Krystian, a midfield of Drew, Cale, Ben and Jamie, Colby in the hole and Cameron up front. The bench consisted of Matt W, Liam, Mark and Matt S.

The game kicked off and of the opening 5 minutes was anything to go by it was going to be a hard fought game, Boxted closed down well and showed plenty of endeavour and whilst the opening 10 was fairly even it was Boxted who had the best chances with a free header from a free kick going wide and a long range effort going well over Sam’s crossbar.

The Seasiders first attempt came from a Sam goal kick; Ben picked up the ball and slid it through to Jamie whose long range effort just did not dip enough to trouble the keeper. Cameron was working hard up front and after some good hold up play he squared to Cale who’s left foot shot went just wide.

Whilst the game was well contested by both sides it was the Seasiders who were creating the better chances, Ben then played the ball through to Cameron and he got a shot in which was well blocked by the defender. The wind was playing its part and with Boxted working hard to close down the Seasiders players it was proving difficult to get the breakthrough.

With 3minutes to go in the first half the ball came to Ben 25yards out and he hit a left foot effort over the keeper into the back of the net, 1-0 up, was this to be the turning point. And then like buses 2 in 2mins, good work by Drew and his cross was met by Matt W who hit the post for Colby to tap home the rebound, a great example of following up. Half Time 0-2

The second half began much like the first with both teams competing well, Boxted then had the best and only real effort at the Seasiders goals with a free kick, thee ball looked to be going in just under the bar but for Sam to back pedal and tip it over.

Cameron once again battling hard up front held the ball up to feed Matt W and his lob beat the keeper but dropped agonisingly over the bar. Then the 3rd goal came when Cale and Ben combined well and they fed Drew on the wing who crossed for Cameron to score.

We then had a number of plays the showed off the passing game of the visitors. First up Cale, Ben, Colby, Drew combined for another chance for Cameron, Then Cale, Ben, Liam and Matt W led to Matt delivering a great cross for Drewsie whose header went wide.

The Seasiders were continuing to play well, and with the full bench now on the pitch were looking just as efficient as the first half. Matt W held the ball up well, turned his man and Drew had another chance, so close. The final move came after good work between Mark, Drew and Cale they fed Ben who squared to Matt W only for his shot to be saved.

Final score a 3-0 win for the Seasiders.


A really enjoyable game, Boxted did not roll over and fought hard all game, the Seasiders made a number of changes using the whole bench and there was no dip in performance or commitment, it was a real squad performance which I know would have pleased the manager and coaches.

As for the parents, they ran to the cars to get warm, 3 points in the bag a job well done.

James R


South Suffolk Youth League

Saturday 4th February

Chantry 1 Seasiders 2

Pre-Game Banter

Away to Chantry, but which ground? This proved to be an issue for a number of parents, but we all managed to get to meet up in the end. Whitton, a bumpy pitch with long grass and no tea or sausage rolls on offer.


The team welcome Joylon into the ranks following his deadline day signing from Coplestonians, Joylon is a no nonsense centre half and would bring a number of options to the team.

The Seasiders lined up as follows: Sam, a back line of Connor, Joylon, Kieran and Krystain, a midfield of Drew, Cale, Ben and Matt W, Colby in the hole and Cameron up front. The bench consisted of Jamie, Liam, Mark and Matt S.

The game kicked off with both teams playing in a competitive style, the pitch as mentioned was not conducive to the passing game and the Seasiders struggled to get into any rhythm, chances were few and far between, and whilst the Seasiders had the majority of possession there was always a chance of a counter attack from Chantry.

The first goal came midway into the half, after some combative play in midfield Cale came away with the ball and looked to release Cameron, both he and Matt W went for the ball with the keeper coming in the other direction, the keeper got there first but could not control the ball, which found its way to the feet of Matt W who stroked home for the opening goal.

The rest of the half progressed without any real incident, the game was being played mainly in the midfield with the visitors struggling to make inroads further forward.

The second half began much like the first had ended with some hefty challenges and little goal action. This was to change when Chantry got a free kick on the left wind and sent in a ball in-between Sam and the defenders, right where you would want it; the ball bypassed everyone and went into the far corner 1-1 in this top of the table clash.

With 10mins to go the Seasiders got back in front, Drewsie who has now scored in every game in 2017 once again delivered as he side footed the ball past the keeper, I am sure someone crossed it, but for the life of me I could not tell you.

Unfortunately Drewsie was on the receiving end of a harsh challenge late on and was unable to continue, the boys however kept on going and after what seemed like 10mins of injury time the final whistle was blown, and the boys got a deserved 2-1 victory and keeps thing interesting at the top of the table.

Final Score Chantry 1 Seasiders 2



Not a classic by any means but a tough battle, the boys showed real character & the winning goal was probably the best move of the match.

James R


South Suffolk Youth League Cup

Quarter Final

Seasiders 5 Whitton United  0

Pre-Game Notes

There was a tear in the eye of Yogi as Boobo was unable to make the game as he had awoken from his hibernation and rolled over on a stone damaging his ribs. This left the nets to a motley bunch of reprobates who managed to finally get the nets despite looking like the key stone cops. First of all the net went on upside down, and then the realisation they only had the one net. Then there was a lack of pegs and even a small gust of wind caused it to start flapping, here’s hoping Boobo gets better soon.

It was also our beloved managers Dan’s 50th birthday and there was a strong desire to get him the positive result such a milestone deserves.  


Well today saw the quarter final of the U14 cup with Whitton United currently second in division 2 the visitors.

The seasiders lined up as follows, Sam in Goal, Connor, Matt S, Kieran and Krystian, a midfield 4 of Jamie, Cale, Ben and Drewsie, Natty in the whole and Cameron up front, the bench consisted of Liam, Joe and Mark with Colby unavailable to injury watching on.

The match kicked off with the Seasiders playing well and creating a number of chances with no end result, Whitton to their credit worked hard and looked to catch us on the break, their forward line looking particularly potent.

The first clear cut chance came early on as Ben picking the ball up wide right got a shout from the crowd to hit the penalty spot which he duly delivered, Drewsie was running in from the left wing and headed well into the back of the net off the right hand post, 1-0, a great start. The game started to settle into a familiar pattern, the Seasiders with the majority of possession attacking the Whitton goal, with the visitor's looking to catch the Seasiders on the counter attack.

The second goal came after a good run from Cameron, he picked the ball up centrally and took his man on before shooting from just outside the box, the keeper dived to his left and made a good save but could only push the ball wide, Jamie had anticipated well and followed up and was left with the task of passing the ball into the net past the stranded goalkeeper. The Seasiders continue to press and after good work by Krystian his shot went just past the post. Half Time 2-0

The second half soon set into the same pattern as the first, Whitton on a counter attack had their first real effort but Sam was equal to it and the score remained 2-0. All three substitutes where introduced during the second half as well as a number of positional changes, but to the Seasiders credit this did not seem to affect them.

The third goal came following a corner from Jamie, the ball went long and Kieran chased it down just keeping it in on the far side, he was closed down, but despite being a centre half Kieran knows how to play and took his man on before crossing from the byline, and there at the back post was Drewsie who headed home for his second to make the score 3-0.

The fourth goal came after some more good play from Drewsie, he took a shot which was blocked, before passing the ball to Mark who struck the ball into the bottom left to make it 4-0, the final goal of the game was placed home by Cameron after more good play by Drewsie, it was fast becoming the Drewsie show with two goals and two assists.

Whitton relying on the counter attack but chances were few and far between, when they did manage to get through they found Sam in top form and he dealt comfortably with everything that came his way. Final score 5-0 and into the semi’s, it’s a repeat of last years semi-final against Witnesham.


A day of moments, Dan had his 50th, Drewsie ran the show, Mark got his first of the season, Boobo broke a rib, and the tea lady served some tea.

Well done boys a great team performance

James R



Saturday 7th January 2017

South Suffolk Youth League

Framlingham 0 Seasiders 10

Build Up

So Christmas had come and gone, the new year had broken and at last football was back, the trip to Framlingham was not to bad and on arrival the sight of the refreshment hut brought tears of joy to a number of parents, a cup of tea was definitely required as there was a chill in the air. The boys looked excited to be playing again, and with a number of friends in the opposition team anticipation was high. McSue was at the game and had obviously not fully recovered from her Christmas eve party as she lost £20 and spent a good 10mins retracing her steps only to find it in the bin.


The seasiders lined up as follows Sam, Connor, Kieran, Matt S, Krystian, Jamie, Ben, Cale, Matt W, Colby and Charlie, the match kicked off with the seasiders going uphill, early chances came for Charlie and Colby but the breakthrough was proving hard to come by. Then Jamie broke down the right wing and crossed for Matt W to make it 1-0, a great start. The second was not far behind Colby played a through ball to Keiran who’s shot was saved well, he picked up the rebound and squared to Jamie who found the back of the net.

The game was punctuated by numerous offsides for the seasiders, was this an eagerness to get forwards or an overactive arm. The third goal came again with the offside flag being raised, Colby played a ball through and Kristian running from deep broke through to finish well, the ref ignoring the flag and confirming it was a valid goal, 3-0.

Connor who had been breaking forward all game, went on a mazy run down the left and kept going and going and only stopped once he had placed the ball into the back of the net, 4-0. The fifth was a joy to watch Connor found Matt S, who found Cale, he passed to Colby who fired home top corner from distance 5-0

Drew entered the fray for Matt W and it took him no time to join the list of scorers, Kristian’s through in went to Charlie who crossed for drew to finish well 6-0, straight from kick off Charlie and Jamie put Fram under pressure with Charlie winning the ball and passing to Drew who got his second and the seasiders seventh, 7-0

This brought the first half to a close, it was not as one sided as it felt, with Fram having 10 mins of pressure early doors and the majority of the seasiders goals coming towards the end of the half.

Half time saw Mark and Cameron enter the fray, and Ben who has not had a mention as yet start to dictate play with both a great strike and header going close, Fram had tightened up at the back and with a line of 9 players in front of the keeper were looking to concede no more. Another good move saw the eight goal, Matt S wide to Connor who found Ben and his cross was met by Drew to make it 8-0.

Cameron then found Matt W with a through ball and he chipped the goalkeeper from the edge of the box for nine, could we get 10? Yes we could, this time a role reversal of the ninth goal with Matt W crossing for Cameron to head home. This completed the scoring and the seasiders were well worth their 10-0 away victory.


First game back and the boys were back on it, a great game to watch and some good goals. Manager and coaches were happy until they realised it was 10 and not 11.

Apologies for no photos, they will be back next time, Happy New Year to all readers from the U14’s



Cranes  1  Seasiders 6

Saturday 10th December 2016 

Once again this week we found ourselves at Gresham’s this time for an away game against Cranes, it is starting to feel like home! Last time we had leaves on the pitch, this time fog had descended. The pre game drinks were acquired and the Tea Lady was delighted to receive a coffee from yours truly, only to chuck the whole thing on the floor 2 seconds from receiving it, you would think the tea lady would know how to handle a hot drink!


Right from the warm up you could see that the seasider’s had a zip to the stride, the players looking focused and assured.

Today’s team saw Sam in goal, a back 4 of Krystian, Liam, Kieron and Connor, a midfield 4 of Drew, Jamie, Cale and Ben, Colby in the number 10 and Cameron up front. Matt S and Mark on the bench.

The match kicked of and the seasiders were immediately on the attack, crisp passing and good movement, they boys looked up for it. It did not take long for the first goal, the ball was played to Drew who dummied for the onrushing Connor and he stroke the ball into the bottom corner 1-0, a great start. The second was not far away once again Connor and Drew were involved, Connor’s through pass putting Drew clear who cut the ball back to Cameron who on the second attempt unleashed the ball into the back of the net 2-0.

The game continued with the seasiders dominating processing and passing the ball around well, we then won a free kick 23 yards out which Jamie looked to take, having seen his pre free kick routine the Tea Lady stated no, this was not going to be good, and she was right.

The third goal came because Cameron never gave up, a long ball forward was always going to be the defenders ball but Cameron chased after anticipating a mistake, the defender under hit his back pass to the keeper, and Cameron ran through to slide the ball home for 3-0.

Cranes then had a rare attack the ball coming out left and a cross come shot ended up in the back of the net, there was nothing Sam could have done about that. 3-1

The final play of the half saw a throw from Drew flicked inside by Cameron to the onrushing Cale, now Cale was at least 35yards out, but he let fly and it flew, the GK cam to claim but the ball bounced in front of him, and looped over his head into the back of the net, 4-1 half time.

The second half was pretty much the same as the first, Felixstowe continuing to press and pass well, and further goals were only a matter of time. The 5th came from a free kick on the left, Ben lined up to take it and the ball flew into the roof of the net over the keepers outstretched hand, 5-1 and the seasiders were looking good.

  The final goal went to Drew, I am still not sure how, but it went to him, Jamie took a corner which was missed by all including Drew and the ball dropped to the defending player on the back post, he then sliced the ball home for an og. 6-1.

That brought the game to a close, 6-1, and after a poor run of form, a well-deserved victory.

Post Game

Nothing but good feeling and positive comments from both sets of parents and management about the style of play left a good feeling in ones stomach. The boys had performed well, and with results elsewhere going our way, who knows how this season will end up.


Seasiders 0 Chantry 2

Saturday 3rd December 2016


What a lovely winter’s morning, we were lucky that it was not as cold as previous mornings, but there was still enough of a chill that long johns were required.

The nets went up very smoothly, Yogi and Booboo have got this down to a fine art, this week they were ably assisted by numerous helpers, and both gave a little growl of thanks.

The “Tea Lady” was set up nice and early with the customary sausage rolls present, but wait? Where is Gary? Ah, wrong ground, wrong team, wrong everything, would there be any sausage rolls left when he arrived?  

The Big Match

So today’s game was home to Chantry, a good side, and they included in their ranks a number of ex-seasiders, you could sense it would be a close game.

The seasiders lined up with Sam in Goal, a back four of Liam, Connor, Kieron, Krystian, a midfield of Jamie, Ben, Cale, Matt W, up front Drew, with Colby playing in the hole, on the bench we had Cameron, Matty S and Mark.

The first half started with the seasiders looking comfortable on the ball and looking to take the game to chantry, chances were limited as both teams looked equally matched.

It took 20mins for the first goal to arrive and unfortunately for the seasiders it went to Chantry, a flowing move led to the left midfielder taking the ball to the touch line before crossing for the on rushing centre forward to calmly place the ball into the back of the net. Seasiders pressed hard to try to get back into the match but could not break chantry down and half time came with the seasiders still 1-0 down.

The second half started with Cameron coming on to replace Jamie, he moved into the front line with Drew dropping back into midfield, the second half began much like the first, two equal teams, passing the ball around well

and both showing great commitment, chances were still limited at both ends and it looked like the next goal would be decisive. Mid way through the second half the seasiders won a free kick about 25 yards out, Ben was behind the ball and looked to shoot, sticking the cross bar, so close and with chances few and far between had our chance gone.

With the seasiders continuing to press for an equaliser there was always a chance of a goal for Chantry on the break, and with 10mins to go they took their chance and took the score to 2-0, this proved to be too much for the seasiders and the final whistle came resigning the seasiders to a 2-0 defeat.


The whole team can be proud of their efforts today, some great football and non-stop determination, it is never nice to lose, but when you can hold your head high and say you never gave up, you can feel proud, and all the boys should.

James R.

Witnesham 3 Seasiders 1

South Suffolk Youth League

Saturday 19th November 2016

The start of a tough run with last season’s champions awaiting the Seasiders with a point to prove following on from their only defeat of the season at the hands of the reds, for the visitors a chance to put daylight between the chasing pack.

The Seasider’s lined up with Sam in Goal a back 4 of Liam, Connor, Kieron and Krystian, a midfield of Jamie, Ben, Cale and Drew, Colby in the hole and Cameron up front, the bench consisted of Mark, Matty W & Matty Swaine.

The pitch looked in good shape and was a sunny but crisp morning, not for the first time this season the planned referee called off an hour before KO, not ideal but sorted. The hosts got the game under way and and predicted a tight opening with both teams trying to get the ball down and create openings, as the half progressed the first proper opening fell to the visitors after some neat build up Drew found himself in on the right and delivered a teasing cross that wasn’t cleared with Cale following up thought he had scored but cleared off the line, at the other end the dangerous forward players were being well shackled but almost Zac in but well defended by Connor, half time 0-0 with neither team on top.

The second half started and Matty W came on for Jamie on the left, a great chance at the start of the second half following a neat build up on the right with Krystian forcing the corner, the ball came in and Connor met it at point blank range but over the bar, great chance. This seemed to spur on the wasps and the midfield started to find some space, Sam tipping a great effort over the bar. Unfortunately for the Seasiders they conceded when a ball was failed to be cut out and Fox was on hand to nip in and slot past the stretching hand of Sam, 1-0 to the hosts and this certainly galvanised them, rattled by the scoreline the Seasiders went in search of an equalizer and tried to up the tempo but it was the Wasps who scored the next one as the ball cannoned back of Kieron and was adjudged handball, harsh but pen given and neatly converted. The seasiders seem to lose their shape & discipline and it became three when Guedes intercepted a ball that should have been cleared and strode into the penalty box where Fox was waiting to finish, a three goal salvo left the reds scratching their heads, to their credit they kept going with some neat attacks, Ben scoring a late consolation with a great free kick strike, a disappointing day at the office but full credit to Witnesham on their 2nd half performance.


So the 100% record went but it has been a great start to the season for the reds, no complaints in terms of the result and as the reverse fixture showed the first goal is crucial in the bigger games, no doubt the lads will re-group and come back stronger.

Dan Taylor


Ipswich Valley Rangers 0 Seasiders 2

Saturday 12th November 2016


This week and it was an away day, the long journey to Gresham’s to play Ipswich Valley Rangers, a team who we always seem to struggle to break down, last year it was 0-0 in the corresponding fixture. The weather, well it was cold and wet this time, and this reporter was in need of a cup of tea, so having taken the orders off I went leaving Sarah, to do the first few minutes of the report for me, can you spot her paragraph?


The Seasider’s lined up with Sam in Goal a back 4 of Matt S, Connor, Kieron and Krystian, a midfield of Jamie, Ben, Liam and Drew, Colby in the hole and Cameron up front, the bench consisted of Joe and Mark.

The pitch, well the pitch was nice, a good surface, a good size, but the leaves, oh my word I have never seen so many leaves!

The match kicked off and some players passed the ball to other players, someone had a shot, but we don’t think any goals were scored (Thanks Sarah J)

The first half saw the seasiders dominating, all the play was in the IVR half and we carved out a number of good opportunities to score, Drew, Cameron, Jamie and Colby all with good chances that on another day could easy have found the back of the net.

A corner resulted in a glorious opportunity with the ball falling to Colby 2 yards out, who managed to squirt the ball just past the post, there was a feeling of dejavu from the previous seasons match.

The half time whistle came and it was 0-0, whilst the boys were doing well the lack of a goals could easily translate into nerves.

Half Time 0-0

The second half started and Joe came on for Matt S at left back, the game continued much like the first, domination, played in the IVR half but a goal was not forthcoming. We then saw a rare IVR attack as they committed players forward Joe intercepted and played the ball to Ben who drove forwards pushing into the IVR half, he passed forwards to Colby who held up the ball well before laying it back to Ben, who let rip from 25 yards and found the top right hand corner 1-0, you could feel the tension lift and the boys could start to express themselves.

You may be wondering why this is a short report, it was not that there was no action and chances, there were plenty for the seasider’s, but the rain and the cold had started to effect this report and my notes were soaked through.

The seasider’s continued to dominate, numerous corners and opportunities but Oscar in the IVR goal was having a good game.

The second goal came from good work by Connor, he won the ball well in defence and played Drew through one on one with the keeper, Oscar saved well but the rebound went straight to Drew who placed the ball in the back of the net to wrap up the 3 points.


I am very cold and wet!

2-0 in difficult conditions and we managed to dispel the ghosts of last season, the parents were soaked through and freezing and everyone was looking forward to getting home into the warm. But that makes it 6 from 6 and the season is progressing well, though it is still early and lot of hard work is still to be done.

Barrow 0 Seasiders 8


Saturday 5th November 2016


It was cold, it was oh so cold, the majority of parents were wrapped up for winter and boy did they need it. The cup brought our second visit to Barrow, Bury St Edmunds and the chimneys were at 100% pumping the sweet!!! smell of sugar beet over the pitch. The pitch, well, not one of the best you will ever get to play on, we had slopes, lumps and also some bumps. The boys were once again in there away kit of all Blue and looking to repeat the 2-0 league victory completed earlier in the season.


The Seasider’s lined up with Sam in Goal a back 4 of Connor, Matt S, Charlie and Krystian, a midfield of Jamie, Ben, Cale and Matt W, Colby in the hole and Drew up front, the bench consisted of Kieran, Liam, Cameron and Mark.

The match started with the Seasider’s again struggling to get into their rhythm, yes the pitch did not help, but we were always in control. The away linesman forgot he was not meant to watch the game and a quick break caught him of guard, luckily this would be one of few.

Ben had the first shot of the game drilling the ball to the keepers left who saved well. Jamie delivered the first cross and with Drew and Matt W challenging barrow cleared for a corner, and from here cam the first goal, everyone missed the ball and it found its way to Ben’s head who found the net, a Ben header goal. Now that’s a rare sight.

Kristian took a ball, or arm, or head to the face and with his bracers in caused some damage, but he was soon patch up with the magic water and the game continued.

Drew had chances to increase the lead and from a Jamie cross Drew headed home for 2-0, the goals were coming if the style of play was a bit frantic. Another goal was scored in the 1st half by Matt W, I don’t know what I was doing, but I missed it.

Half Time 3-0

The second half found the seasider’s camped in the barrow half with wave after wave of attacks, Colby passed back to Ben on the edge of the box and his shot saw the goalie get down well but the ball went through his hands 4-0, continued pressure and another corner, Jamie delivered the ball was cleared to Kieran on the edge of the box who hit a rocket into the roof of the net 5-0 and we were finding some form.

With all three subs now on, Mark found Ben who fed Colby and his through ball was picked up by Drew and 6-0 was the score, we then saw two more quick goals, Colby with a freekick from wide on the left found its way through the goalies legs and into the back of the net, it was not Barrows day for mistakes and the last one came from a corner in the last few minutes Jamie’s corner being header home by the Barrow defender 8-0.


8-0 in difficult conditions and you could not really ask for more, the ghosts of the league game had been laid to rest. A slow start and a strong finish had seen the boys through to the quarter finals and a match against Whitton Utd their reward. The seasider’s managed 27 shots on target and a goal every 3.5 shots is not to be sniffed at, also limiting Barrow to 1 shot (off Target).


Next up it’s the league match away to Ipswich Valley Rangers were we will be looking for 6 wins out of 6



Seasiders 4 Ipswich Wanderers  0

Saturday 15th October 2016

South Suffolk Youth League


Another home match! Yogi and Boobo are becoming experts at putting the net up! Well you would think so, but 5mins before kick-off it came undone and emergency repairs were required, Yogi swept into action and after some acrobatics with Boobo the net was back up.

It was not cold, it was not hot, somewhere in between, but as usual the girls had the tea and sausage rolls ready and all was good.

This reporter was going to busy today as we looked to have a match report, photos and some stats of the game produced, and despite heckling from a number of parents, I think he did a great job J

The Match

The team was Sam in goal, Matt S LB, Krystian and Keiran CB, Liam LB, Drew RM, Cale and Ben CM, Matt W LM, with Jamie in the 10 role and Colby up front, on the bench we had Mark and Joe.

The parents numbering 12 for today’s match were very much undecided on how today’s game would go, talk of 10-0, 5-0 but overall the consensus was a 1-0 win and 3 points would be all that was needed.

The game kicked off and Felixstowe were dominate, the passing game was swift though we did struggle to create any clear cut chances. An early corner taken by Jamie found Ben and his header though powerful just went past the post. Ben it has to said was dominate in the air all day.

The next opportunity saw Colby try an audacious overhead kick which the keeper did well to turn over the bar, all in all we managed to win 7 corners during the game, probably not as many as our dominance deserved.

The first goal was not too far away as Matt W found Colby in the area the ball coming out of the area to Matt S who fired home from distance, 3 goals in 2 games for Matt S. Felixstowe continued to press with some nice football and Yogi could not contain his excitement and did an impression of a male chicken.

Late in the 1st half Matt S went down injured and Mark came on at left back, and he won the ball on an Ipswich Wanderers attack to find Matt W out wide whose deep cross was side footed home by Drew, a great goal and 2-0 made the half time talk that bit easier.

The second half restarted and Felixstowe continued to dominate the next chance fell came after good work between Mark and Cale found Jamie out wide and his cross once again found Drew but this time wide, further goals did not look to far away.

Drew then scored his second, he managed 8 attempts on goal in the game, 4 with his feet and 4 with his head.

Then the only scare of the match came half way through the second half, Kieran lost out to the Ipswich Wanderer’s forward and they were three on one, but Krystian came across and made a great challenge to clear.

The second change saw Joe come on for Jamie at right midfield.

From our last corner Colby delivered and once again Ben won the ball, it dropped to Joe inside the 6 yard box and he spun to get his first of the season and Felixstowe’s fourth and final goal of the game.


4-0 a good win and leaves Felixstowe top with played 5 won 5, there is still a long way to go and these boys need to keep working hard.  As for the style of play the passing game that is being drilled into them at training is starting to pay dividends on the pitch, with one parent saying it was the best performance of the season and considering we won 21-0 last week that’s no small compliment.

James R


Seasiders 21 Rushmere 0

Saturday 8th October

South Suffolk Youth League Cup


Well that was a wet start to the morning, it had obviously affected Yogi or he was in hibernation and nowhere to be seen. The nets went up at 9am, apart from the pegs as Yogi had the mallet. The snack shop was up and running nice and early, this reporter gratefully devoured two of the Sausages rolls.

This was the second year running that we had drawn Rushmere in the cup, 14-1 was last year and with the boys having stepped up a level from last year a professional performance should see them come out on top.

The Match

As I said it was wet, and with the majority of the parents huddled under the gazebo, Felixstowe kicked off attacking the goal to our right, would the notorious slow start rear its ugly head.

The team was Sam in goal, Matt S RB, Krystian and Kieran CB, Mark LB, Drew RM, Cale and Ben CM, Jamie LM, with Colby in the 10 role and Cameron up front, on the bench we had Liam, Matt W and Joe.

Any question of a slow start was soon forgotten with wave after wave of attacks from Felixstowe, three great crosses from Jamie in the opening 5 mins saw Colby connect with all three the only problem was the ball failed to find the net, but a great start.

In the 4th minute the breakthrough came, Jamie crossed, Cameron did well laying the ball back to Colby who passed to Drew and it was 1-0.

Felixstowe continued to push, Ben hitting the post from the next corner and then following good work by Cale and Drew it was Marks turn to put a shot just over from the edge of the box. Jamie continued to cause the Rushmere left back all sorts of problems and it was his cross that found Drew whose header ended up in the back of the net 2-0.

From the kick off Kieran won the ball and after a one two with Mark he found Cale, who laid it off to Ben who played a sublime 30 yard pass in behind the right back and Jamie finished well to make it 3-0.

Felixstowe were playing well and their passing game was causing Rushmere problems, Kieran started the 4th goal he found Krystian, then onto Jamie who squared to Ben, 4-0 a lightning start from Felixstowe.

The right hand side was delivering quality into the box, and from a Matt S cross Colby again won the header but just over, Felixstowe then made the first change with Matt W coming on for Drew. Matt S then meg’ed his player and was clean through only to be tripped from behind. Cameron scored the fifth coming from good work between Cale and Ben, placing the ball in the bottom corner from the edge of the box.

Another corner from Jamie saw a header from Ben cleared of the line, and another through ball from Ben saw Colby go just wide, the pressure was endless.

Further crosses continued to hurt Rushmere, next was from Mark whose left foot cross was met by Cameron, again just over. Mark then got taken out by a heavy double challenge, but to his credit told the coaches he was going to carry on, what a brave soldier J

Ben and Colby continued to press for a goal before half time and once again Ben was the provider as Colby made it 6-0. Rushmere played the ball forward from the kick off and Kieran battled well to clear the ball, he then ran the length of the pitch to smash the ball into the net 7-0.

Then came for this reporter the best goal off the game from a team perspective, it started with the Sam, taking a short kick to Mark, he found Kieron he passed to Cale who in turn found Ben, Wide to Jamie and his cross was met by Cameron and it was 8-0 a great team goal starting with Sam featuring 7 players.

Half time 8-0, but the highlight was the number of headers the team had won across the park, the extra training during the week had certainly helped.

The second half kicked off and Felixstowe continued were they had left off in the first half, Matt S got forward well and his shot was saved by the keeper, corner, from the corner Matt W made it 9-0.

The next attack came down the left, Mark to Matt W, inside to Ben and his cross was cleared to the edge of the box and Matt S took on his man, a shout of “too much” came from the dugout, followed by “his only gone and done it” as he  drilled his shot into the bottom corner. 10-0, the 11th was not far away, again down the left Mark found Colby whose cross was finished well by Cameron.

Cameron repaid Colby moments later, his pass was collected by Colby who dispatched the ball into the top corner 12-0, Colby thought he had number 13 seconds later but the offside flag was up.

Next up was Matt S again as his 25 yard strike left the keeper with no chance; the goalkeeper was heard to remark “That was a shot and a half” 13-0

Drew back on the pitch then missed from 1 yard following good work by Colby, his dad asking him how wide did he want the goal drew a smile from a number of players. Drew then attacked down the right crossing well to Matt W who laid the ball back unselfishly to Mark whose shot went just over. Drew was terrorising the Right back as Jamie had done in the first half and his next cross once again found a Felixstowe head, but again just over from Cameron.

Mark found space on the edge of the box and his shot was parried by the keeper and then cleared off the line, Drew picked the up the loose ball and his cross found Matt S, who let rip from the edge of the box, the ball was travelling well and hit Cameron on the behind before flying into the roof of the net, Matt S deserved his hat trick, but Cameron was also claiming that one.

Liam and Colby then battled hard and found Mark out wide his pass was well received by Matt W and he struck home for 15-0, Krystian then came forward and his cross was met by Colby 16-0, Liam then found Matt S, his cross found Cameron and he held the ball up for Colby to make it 17-0, this reporter was starting to run out of Ink.

Felixstowe then scored 4 goals in the last 5 minutes,

Mark to Matt W : Drew Scored 18-0

Cameron top corner 19-0

Colby to Drew : Drew scored 20-0

And in the last minute Drew worked the ball down the right and found Liam, his low driven cross was met by Colby to make it 21-0

And then the final whistle.



21-0, I am sure that score line will divide reader opinion, to easy? But the boys can only play what is put in front of them, and the Cup will throw up games like this as we saw in last year’s 14-1 win.

But the boys did a professional job; they all have targets to meet and a passing game to perfect, as we look to progress this season. Apart from a 10 minute spell when everyone was trying to score we passed well, battled well and won so many headers I lost count.

It is too easy to switch off in these and games, lose your shape, stop passing, try those 30yard efforts, but they all know they are not just playing in this game, but for their place in the next, harder games will come and they need to be ready.

James R.



Barrow Academy 0 Seasiders  2

Saturday 1st October

South Suffolk Youth League


It was a case of role reversal as Bob and family had just the 20min drive on the journey to Bury St Edmunds for the away game against Barrow Academy, for the rest of us it was a 45 min journey along the A14.

As for support the away crowd numbered 14, all ladies apart from Paul and I, so the linesman job was an easy decision, well done Paul. Richard and Yogi turned up later, great flag avoidance.

The Match

The boys lined up in their Blue kit and what can only be described as a roller coaster of a pitch, it had more ups and downs than a game of snakes and ladders.

The team was Sam in goal, Liam RB, Krystian and Keiron CB, Mark LB, Drew RM, Cale and Ben CM, Jamie LM, with Colby in the 10 role and Cameron up front, on the bench we had Matt S, Matt W and Joe.

The match kicked off in bright sunshine, Felixstowe once again employing the slow start tactic to lull the opposition into a false sense of security.

The first action came as Cale battled well to win the ball releasing Drew whose shot was well blocked, he picked up the rebound and crossed, with Cameron putting his header into the top corner, 0-1,  a great start.

The game was turning into a battle for midfield with Barrow fighting for every ball and not giving Felixstowe anytime to settle, Felixstowe were however attacking nonstop , but barrow sat back and made a nuisance of themselves.

Felixstowe continued to dominate but failed to convert in the final third, shots lacked power and accuracy and you could not see where the next goal would come from, both Jamie and Ben had long range efforts but nothing troubling the keeper.

With all this pressure there was always a risk that Barrow may catch us on the break, and in the 20min they got through, Kristian lost out in a challenge and the Barrow forward was clear only from Keiron to come round and tidy up, great awareness.

The first half finished with little more in the way of action, Felixstowe’s notorious slow start had managed to last the while first half. At the break Matt W came on for Jamie, Joe came on for Mark and Matt S for Liam.

The second half continued as the first Felixstowe dominating position but failing to convert, good work by Matt W as he found Cale led to Colby being put through one on one with the keeper and he finished well only for the offside flag to raised, Carol was not happy, she claims to know the offside rule and gave this reporter a good earful for a few minutes, the tension of only being one up was getting to the supporters.

Chances were few and far between as you can tell by this sparse report, and it took the best move of the match to take us to 0-2 up, Ben winning the ball in midfield and passing wide to Drew, he beat his man and bore down on goal from the right, he could have shot but instead squared to Colby bypassing the keeper for an easy finish.

So it finished 2-0 to Felixstowe, with both teams unbeaten to date this was a good result, though the performance was a little flat, but 4 wins from 4 is nothing to be sniffed at.

The post-match discussion was strangely subdued despite the win, as the boys know a repeat performance may not result in a win next time.


Seasiders 3 Witnesham  1

Saturday 24th September

South Suffolk Youth League


The 3rd home game in a row, and the early nights where messing with Yogi’s hibernation, but at least he had BooBoo with him this week and the sight of Yogi and BooBoo ably assisted by James and David putting up the nets as always gave us some early drama. Were there holes in the net, how do these clips work and an inability to put pegs in made for an enjoyable early morning start.

The snack table was delayed and the lack of the now legendary Sausage Rolls was causing great distress for Gary, he made up for it later though, devouring about 25% of the stock.

Support was much improved from the last game and a healthy crowd of 42 was there to watch the boys in action, this also resulted in the programmes selling out early.


As seems to be the case at the moment the Langley pitch greeted the players with a strong wind blowing across the pitch, the match had a number of reunions, Mark, Matt S reunited with Max and Olly from Witnesham and then of course the main talking point, Drew and Kieron in their first match against Witnesham since they joined Felixstowe in the summer, the parents greeted each other and there was a distinctly friendly atmosphere on the side line.

The match kicked off in bright sunshine, but despite the good weather Felixstowe made a slow start and seemed nervous, Witnesham are undoubtedly a good side were not going to roll over.

1st real chance came following good work by Cale and Ben, they linked up to release Drew down the wing, who was overlapped by Krystian and his deep cross was just over Jamie’s head as he came in from the left. It was Witnesham’s chance next and following a through ball confusion between Connor and Kieron lead to Olly being clean through for Witnesham, Liam was covering and made a good tackle to concede the corner. Felixstowe broke from the resulting corner and Colby controlled well to find Ben whose long range effort was wide.

Witnesham started to enjoy some procession, Liam defended well and picked out Kieron with a good ball, Kieron fed Krystian who passed to Drew whose effort went high. Ben and Cale combined well and Drew crossed to find Cameron whose shot was well saved by the keeper, and when I say well, there were shouts of “worldy” once again from the crowd.

From the resulting corner, Jamie curled one in and despite Drew’s claims of the last touch, the ball ended up in the back of the net for 1-0, unfortunately at this point the Witnesham player Ben Williams collided with the post and there were some anxious moments as an ambulance was called to ensure Ben was ok, we are pleased to say after a long delay and treatment Ben was able to watch the remainder of the game from the side line.

After a 15min delay the match restarted and Witnesham attacked and a ball into the box was well claimed by Sam, his clearance sent Colby clear and his cross came to Drew at the far post, Drew had a lot to do and after looping the ball over the defender he fired high into the roof of the net, 2-0.

The game was very even, though Felixstowe had created the best chances, and before half time it was 3-0 Cale with some excellent work, dummying a player and going down the wing to cross again for Drew to score, was it his hat trick was it not, the boss was sure, it wasn’t as it was only 2-0, but it was 3-0, or was it, confusion between the parents rained. Half time 3-0.

 It was a very indifferent 1st half, the passing game was nearly there, and Drew was caused all sorts of issues down the right wing, it was looking good, but there was still a half to go.

The 2nd half started with Jamie being replaced by Matty Wright on the left wing, and Felixstowe made a very bright start, passing was crisp and improved on the 1st half with Ben and Cale starting to stamp their authority in the centre of the park. This however did not last and Witnesham started to come more and more into the game, and following some indecision between Connor and Liam, Witnesham won a free kick which same safely saw pass over his cross bar, Witnesham were finding their feet.

Matt W was causing issues down the left as Drew had done on the right in the first half, and his run led to Liam crossing just over Cameron head with the clearance falling to Colby who just shot wide, the next goal would be crucial.

Witnesham then broke clear with a good through ball, Connor gave chase and his pace and strength rescued a difficult situation, further pressure led to a deflected effort just going past Sam’s post, but from the resultant corner Sam dominated his box and cleared well. Mid way through the 2nd half Krystian pulled up and Joe came on the replace at left back with Liam moving to Right Back.

The 2nd half was much more open than the first and Felixstowe’s bright start had faulted. Witnesham kept pushing forwards and a strike from 25 yards was well saved by Sam, he was Gazelle like, or you could say he swooped like a salmon; it was one for the cameras.

Joe made aa rash challenge and received a good old fashioned talking to from the ref and from the resultant free kick, Witnesham pulled a goal back, the ball was played into the box and following some scrambling about from both sets of players a strong shot was placed into the bottom left hand corner.

The goal gave Witnesham hope and Felixstowe seemed to fall apart under the pressure and if not for a good save from Sam minutes later it would have been 2 in 5 mins, a further free kick to Witnesham left to players unmarked at the back post but fortunately neither was able to connect.

Felixstowe then seemed to get a foot back in the game with Matt W at the centre of it, he had 3 good chances which were all well saved by the keeper. With a few minutes to go Kieron who had only just passed a fitness test on his foot went down with what looked like the same injury, and Matt Swain came on to see out the last 2 minutes.

The final whistle went and the top of the table clash had seen a 3-1 win to Felixstowe in a tight match.


James R.

Seasiders 10 Coplestonians 0

Saturday 17th September 2016

South Suffolk Youth League


An early start saw a number of parents arrive at 9.15am only to see the “Bear” again already putting up the nets with his sidekick, he obviously has forgotten to reset his alarm from Friday, but the sight of him putting the nets up is a joy to behold. The snack stand was also being set up with the addition this time of a gazebo, we nearly lost it a few times in the wind, but with “Bob” the banana holding it down, it was going nowhere. As for the sausages rolls, you don’t need any other reason than to come and watch the U14’s them then.


17th September saw the second game of the season for the U14 and once again we were at home at Langley Avenue. A strong wind would once again play havoc, but this time it was across the pitch, so there would hopefully not be a game of two halves.

Coplestonians were the opposition following promotion from Division 2 last season, Felixstowe were without Kieron who had broken his foot the previous weekend and Shayden made his first appearance in a while.

Felixstowe lined up with Sam in Goal, Krystian right back, Liam left back, Connor and Matt S centre half’s, Drew right midfield, Jamie left midfield with Ben and Cale in the middle, Cameron as the main striker with Colby playing in the hole, Mark and Shayden were on the bench.

Felixstowe started the game well and laid siege to the Cops goal, Colby had two good opportunities in the first 5 mins, and the early passing was very encouraging, Ben had the next chance from 25 yards but the ball went narrowly over.

Felixstowe continue to apply pressure, Cale sent Drew down the right, and he drove into the area, cut it back for Colby whose shot was pushed wide by the goalkeeper. Connor then made a surging run from centre half passing wide to Drew who let loose from 25 yards into the top corner 1-0. From the kick off Felixstowe regained possession and a great cross from Liam saw Drew narrowly miss from 5 yards.

Felixstowe continued to pass well and both Colby and Cam had further chances to increase the lead, Felixstowe were dominating the opening 15mins, but had failed to add to the opening goal.

This all changed as Drew and Shayden combined well to find Cale, who struck home from distance, shouts of that was a “worldy” from the crowd. Straight from the KO Drew set Colby through, but his shot was well saved by the keeper, still 2-0. Krystian who was having a fine game at right back sent Colby down the line, despite a heavy touch he recovered well got in the shot which the keeper could only parry and Shayden placed the ball in the back of the net 3-0.

Felixstowe continued to press on and Connor once again pushed on laying the ball to Kristian whose far post cross was slotted home by Jamie, 4-0. That saw the end of the first and Felixstowe were good value for their lead.

The 2nd half started slowly, Felixstowe continued to dominate but failed to create any real chances, then Ben crossed from the left and the keeper fumbled which saw the ball nestle in the back of the net, from the Kick Off Felixstowe again recovered procession and Ben once again crossed from the left, Cam got in a good header which the keeper could only parry to Colby who made it 6-0.

Coplestonians were struggling to cope with the Felixstowe passing game and the quality of crosses from both wings, and the left and Liam is where the 7th came from, the cross lead to confusion with the ball dropping to Cale who laid it back to Cam who powered it home.

The chances continued to flow, Ben and Drew both coming close, with 5 minutes to go Sam caught a deep cross well, clearing up field were Drew squared to Colby who hit the bar, so close.

Though there was not much time left, Felixstowe’s fitness was now playing a major role as they continued to push forwards. Following good work by Liam and Shayden a corner was forced and Jamie’s cross was headed home by Cam for 8-0. Minutes later a further corner from Jamie saw Drew make it 9, the match was about to end but Felixstowe continued to push looking for double figures and a healthy goal difference in the table.

The 10th was a great goal, Krystian passed to Colby who fed the ball to Cameron, he held it up well and laid it back to the rampaging centre back Connor, who passed the ball into the bottom corner for 10, Connor had a chance to make it 11 in the closing seconds, but his thunderbolt of a shot was just over.

10-0 was the final score and Felixstowe were well worthy of the victory, the passing game was outstanding with the pre-season training proving its worth, Colby’s link play and Connor’s willingness to go forward were two of the highlights from the game.


Seasiders 5 Cranes  2

Saturday 10th September

Suffolk Youth League - Division 1


Pre Match the sight of the “Bear” putting up the nets left the remaining parents questioning if they were in the wrong place, not even Heath had managed to arrive before him, and it has to be said he did a great job.

The tea and snack stand was also up and running and was enjoying a brisk early trade, sausage rolls proving to be an early favourite.


10th September 2016 saw the opening game of the Suffolk Youth League division 1 as Felixstowe and Walton U14's entertained Cranes U14's, bright sunshine greeted the players, coaches and supporters but a strong wind blowing straight down the pitch would make the coin toss key.

Both teams looked resplendent in their kits as they both looked to get the season off to a good start, Felixstowe in their traditional Red and white stripes and Cranes a new team to the league in Black and blue, the coin toss took place and the teams switched ends as Felixstowe looked to kick against the wind in the opening period.

Felixstowe lined up with Sam in Goal, Krystian right back, Mark left back, Connor and Kieron centre half’s, Drew right midfield, Jamie left midfield with Ben and Cale in the middle, Cameron as the main striker with Colby playing in the hole, Liam and Matt S were on the bench.

With the wind blowing into his face Colby kicked off under the new rules and played the ball straight back to Ben and the first game of the season had started. Both teams looked to keep the ball on the floor and the opening minutes were very even with Cranes looking to use the wind to play the ball in behind the defence. The first 20 minutes saw a very even game with both teams having possesion but no real chances being created, Felixstowe were unable to apply as much pressure as they would have liked, and were having their customary slow start to a game, Cranes however were using the wind to their advantage and looking to press forwards at every opportunity.

The first goal came in the 22 minute, a free kick from Cranes right was only half cleared to the edge of the box and the Cranes player unleashed an unstoppable shot into the top left hand corner. Goalkeeper or no goalkeeper that was not going to be stopped.

This seemed to stir Felixstowe and straight from the kick off Cale released Drew whose shot was cleared off the line, the clearance however went straight to Cameron who put the ball over from 10 yards, a good response to going 1-0 down.

In the 25th minute Felixstowe made a change and Liam came on for Mark. Felixstowe continued to gain more of a foothold in the game and a crisp passing move started by Ben led to the equaliser. Ben played a lovely ball out wide to Jamie, who passed to Liam who crossed deep into the Cranes box, the keeper cleared to the edge of the box, were Drew placed a well-timed shop into the top of net, 1-1 and Felixstowe were coming more into the game.

The first half came to an end with both teams having a chance to go into half time with the lead, first Ben once again picked the ball up in centre midfield, played the ball out wide to Drew, who crossed deep to the far post only for Jaime to see his shot strike the crossbar. Cranes were still in the game and a shot from 25 yards looked destined for the back of the net, before Sam gathered the ball safely.

1st Half Summary: Felixstowe had more of the limited chances and could have taken a lead into the half time break, but against the wind and a disciplined Cranes team who were looking to push forward at every opportunity the 1-1 at half time was probably a fair reflection.

The 2nd half started with Felixstowe having the wind in their favour, and having limited Cranes to a single goal in the first half they were looking to push on and take the game to Cranes. Immediately the wind proved its value as Sam clearance cleared the Cranes defence and Jaime was through, crossing near post for the on rushing Cameron, but just to near the keeper, this was a sign of things to come.

Felixstowe continued to press and after some hard battling in midfield Drew came away with the ball sending a shot towards the bottom left corner, not the cleanest strike but still forced the keeper into a save, from the resulting corner, Jamie put the ball on Drew’s head just a few yards out, but Drew headed over, a great opportunity. Felixstowe continued to press and following a number of corners the breakthrough finally came, Jamie crossed in from the right and a challenge including goalkeepers, defenders and Kieron resulted in the ball ending up in the back of the net, Straight In? Kieron? Own Goal? From the replay’s it looked like the cranes defender was the unfortunate last touch.

2-1 and Felixstowe’s confidence grew and with the wind still assisting looked to press home their advantage, a shot from Drew produced another good save from the keeper, before Ben once again started things moving for the goal kick, picking the ball up he passed wide to Drew who delivered a cross into the box, the keeper could only clear to the edge of the box following a good challenge from Cameron and Colby was there to rifle the ball into the top left hand corner, 3-1 and Felixstowe were starting to dominate.

Ben and Cale were now dictating play in the centre of the park, Ben’s pass to Cale saw a lovely 1-2 with Colby, Cale releasing Drew down the line who’s cross fell just behind the onrushing Cameron, Felixstowe continued to push forward and a lovely cross by Jamie saw Cameron head wide from 10 yards. Jamie thought he had increased Felixstowe’s lead following a slick move down the left, only for the assistant’s flag to remove the smile from his face.

Cranes were now struggling to get out of their own half, we then saw the move of the match, Kieron, Connor, Cale, Colby and Drew all involved before Drew laid the ball back to Cameron who unleashed an unstoppable shot into the top corner, 4-1 in control, and some well taken goals had been seen by both sets of supporters. Straight from the kick off a lack of concentration led to Cranes pulling a goal back, a cross come shot lobed Sam and gave him no chance.

This gave Cranes some hope and following the kick off they pushed forward and were suddenly one on one with Sam, Sam came out bravely and gathered the ball at the 2nd attempt, but this invited the challenge form the forward and a knock on the head resulted.

Cranes started to come back into the game and forced a series of corners, the last of which saw Connor bring the ball out of defence and take the game to Cranes, Connor virtually ran the length of the pitch before crossing the ball to the back post, the defenders cleared to Jaime who delivered a far post cross for the onrushing Drew to tap home for 5-2.

The final whistle came and Felixstowe had secured their first 3 points of the season against a very good Cranes team, the wind had resulted in a game of 2 halves, but overall Felixstowe delivered their victory.